Verdicts and Settlements

Richardson Maples, PC

Recent Verdicts and Settlements

$525,000 – Our client sustained a permanent low back injury in a motor vehicle collision in Madison County, Alabama. Fortunately, our client had purchased significant uninsured motorist coverage and the majority of his recovery was obtained through his automobile insurer.

$251,000 – Along with co-counsel in Mississippi, the firm obtained this significant jury verdict for our client injured in a slip and fall at a casino restaurant. Our client sustained neck and shoulder injuries which required surgery when he slipped and fell in spill in the restaurant. The jury found that the casino was liable for failing to properly remedy the spill.

$835,000 – The firm's client, a janitor traveling between job sites, was severely injured in a car crash in Madison County, Alabama. The firm was able to maximize his recovery from both the employer's workers' compensation insurer and the driver whose negligence caused the collision.

$953,000 – Our client sustained disabling neck and shoulder injuries when he fell on the premises of a business while making a delivery. The firm was able to recover significant workers' compensation benefits from the employer's insurance carrier, as well as money for physical pain and permanent injuries from the business who failed to maintain safe access to the location where the fall occurred.

$178,500 – Our client sustained facial trauma and knee injuries in an intersection collision in Marshall County, Alabama. With the insurance carriers refusing to pay her damages, she retained our law firm and we aggressively represented her and obtained this significant six-figure recovery.

$150,000 – On the job accident in North Alabama. Our client suffered a permanent arm injury when his arm was caught in the moving parts of a machine.

$50,000 – Jury verdict for client injured in a car crash in Moulton, Alabama. Our client sustained back injuries which took more than a year to heal. After a three day trial, the jury awarded over 6 times the amount of our client's medical bills.

$275,000 – Workers' compensation settlement and subsequent settlement of outrage claim for denial of medical care. Alabama law recognizes a claim against a workers' compensation insurance carrier for outrageous claims handling practices. When a workers' compensation insurance carrier promises to pay future medical benefits but then backs out of their promise in an effort to save money, they are responsible for the harm that results.

$200,000 – Our client sustained severe injuries in a fall while working under the direction of an individual in Madison County. While workers' compensation benefits were not available, the firm was successful in locating and recovering under a policy of Employers' Liability Act insurance coverage.

$180,000 – When our clients were wrongfully denied insurance coverage for property damage caused by a storm, the firm filed suit and obtained this favorable settlement.