If your family has become divided after a loved one's passing (a dispute over assets triggered by a disgruntled prospective heir, a caregiver with an agenda, or arguments over the validity of a will), it is crucial to hire an experienced Huntsville estate lawyer.

At Richardson Maples, our estate lawyers know how to locate common ground, crunch the numbers, review the property history, and generally fight the good fight for a favorable conclusion of an estate or property dispute.

Even in the absence of a will, when estate administration becomes problematic, our law firm rises to the occasion on your behalf. We protect our clients' rights in estate matters inside and outside of the courtroom.

Whether a decedent was alleged to be incompetent or subject to undue influence during the writing of a will, or a will was mysteriously changed at the last minute, you can depend on Richardson Maples' Huntsville estate lawyers to aggressively protect your rights.