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An effective mediator wears many hats, but they come in two primary styles:  facilitative and evaluative. Attorney Jim Richardson wears both well. 

As a mediator, Jim Richardson understands that your dispute should only be settled on your terms. He uses many skills and techniques to help facilitate a resolution that you can live with, but it is your settlement according to your terms. 


He also calls upon over 40 years of experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in a broad variety of matters in State and Federal Court. Jim has been involved in a broad spectrum of cases, from personal injury and insurance to business and employment, from malpractice to trade secrets. Jim has a unique depth of experience that allows him to give you an accurate and frank assessment of the issues and their likely outcome in your case, and to assist you in reaching a reasonable resolution.   

Jim Richardson has attended multiple courses, training him to serve as a Mediator in the State of Alabama. He has served Mediator and as an advocate for his clients in mediation for nearly 20 years. Jim is listed on the Alabama State Court Mediation Roster. He adheres to the Alabama Code of Ethics for Mediators and its standards regarding a mediator’s responsibilities to the court, the mediation process, self-determination, impartiality and conflicts of interest, confidentiality, professional advice, fees and expenses, training and education, advertising and solicitation, prohibited agreements, and the advancement of mediation.

A list of the various types of cases in which Jim has been involved over his career would literally run from A to Z:

  • Accidents and injuries of practically any type

    • Auto accidents, bus accidents, industrial and on-the-job accidents, railroad accidents, slip and fall accidents, and truck accidents

  • Admiralty claims

  • Agency

  • Antitrust

  • Assault and battery

  • Banking and financial disputes

  • Business litigation

    • Shareholder/member disputes, derivative & squeeze-out claims, transactional claims, and securities fraud

  • Contract and transaction disputes      

  • Defamation

  • Employment & discrimination cases

    • Title VIIADEAEqual Pay ActADA and public accommodations, and Section 1983

  • Federal Tort Claims Act

  • Franchise disputes

  • Fraud and deceit

  • Government contracts & procurement

    • ProtestsTeaming disputes

  • Insurance disputes of all types

    • Auto, bad faith, fraud, coverage disputes, directors and officers, disability, employment practicesERISAGuaranty Act claims, homeowners, licensing  disputes, life, and subrogation

  • Intellectual property and trade secrets

  • Liquor liability

  • Municipal, county, and state liability

  • Non-competition and non-solicitation

  • OSHA violations

  • Outrage

  • Premises and security liability

  • Product liability

  • Professional negligence

    • Accountant malpractice, insurance agency negligence, legal malpractice, and medical malpractice

  • Real estate litigation

    • Boundary line & easement disputes, condemnation, eminent domain, landlord/tenant, title, and adverse possession

  • Toxic mold

  • UCC and warranty disputes

  • Unfair trade practices

  • Wills, trusts, and estate litigation

  • Workers' compensation

    • Co-employee & third-party claims, and wrongful discharge

  • Wrongful death

  • Zoning

If you're looking for an effective Alabama mediator who has experience on both sides of a case, contact attorney Jim Richardson today. 

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