Are you facing years of financial hardships, lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and emotional trauma after an accident caused by someone else? Our goal is to obtain the maximum compensation you deserve.

If your family has become divided after a loved one's passing (a dispute over assets triggered by a disgruntled prospective heir, a caregiver with an agenda, or arguments over the validity of a will), it is crucial to hire an experienced attorney.

A serious workplace accident, one that causes severe injury which temporarily or permanently causes a disability, should be fairly compensated. A skilled team of experienced workers compensation lawyers know what’s fair and are equipped to recover what is due.

If you are a business owner or shareholder and are experiencing a dispute within your business or with another entity, it is crucial that you have an attorney who both understands your business and is experienced in resolving the controversy through mediation or litigation.

Our Huntsville defense base act lawyers put our deep knowledge of the Defense Base Act as well as our investigative prowess, talent for effective negotiations, and proven litigation skills to work for injured clients.

 You pay premiums for insurance coverage, so you rightly expect them to pay you when you have a claim.  When they don’t, you need someone who knows insurance coverage and insurance companies so that they can get what you deserve.

Did you suffer a serious injury in an accident involving a government employee? Was the negligent employee acting on behalf of the government when you were hurt? If so, you may have a claim under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

Not all litigation fits within a pre-defined category.  Our system of laws and dispute resolution are the best in the world.  If a controversy cannot be resolved by agreement, we have a court system that will decide it.